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Satisfactory Academic Progress


The Office of Student Records and Registration calculates each student’s progress toward the student’s degree. Selma University’s Satisfactory Academic Progress policy evaluates attendance, qualitative progress (GPA) as well as the quantitative progress (courses completed).

Any student receiving financial assistance who does not meet the satisfactory academic progress requirements during a preliminary review by the Office of the Registrar at the end of each semester will receive written notice of Warning for one semester. If during the second review at the end of the subsequent semester, the student fails to maintain the required standard, a notice of Probation will be sent. If during the third review the student fails to maintain the required standard, a Termination notice is sent informing the student that all financial assistance must be withdrawn. The student is responsible for ensuring that the grade point average and hours-earned data submitted by the Office of the Registrar are accurate and complete.

Undergraduate Students - Grade Requirements
Financial Aid Students working toward a first undergraduate degree will be monitored for compliance with Federal Requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress as outlined below:

•   The student must maintain a 2.0 GPA at Selma University and overall.
•   The student must successfully complete 67% of all Selma University coursework attempted. All W’s, I’s, F’s an audited coursework count as unsuccessful completions. When unsuccessful completions exceed 33% of all coursework attempted, financial aid will be suspended.
•   The student must complete degree requirements within 150% of the usual time-frame for degree completion. Selma University requires up to 126 semester hours to graduate. Therefore, financial aid will be available for no more than 189 semester hours of credit. All accepted transfer work will be counted in this calculation. This particular component of the satisfactory academic progress standards may not be appealed as per Federal regulations.
•  The student MUST attend the first day of class and is only allowed (3) days per semester to be absent in order to maintain Financial Aid eligibility.

Selma University Catalog sets forth degree requirements on a four-year completion basis. However, the Office of Student Financial Aid will allow five years for completion of a 120 to 126 semester-hour degree program which will enable a student to take up to 150 hours if he/she is carrying a course load of 15 hours per semester. Federal guidelines require that a student carry 12 credit hours per semester to be considered full- time; therefore, satisfactory academic progress is based on the assumption that a full-time student must earn 12 credit hours each semester and a part-time student must complete 80 (percent) of the attempted hours.

Note: Hours earned through remedial and/or developmental courses are considered toward meeting the minimum 12 credit-hour requirement.

Students not meeting the above standards will have financial aid suspended until the requirements are met. Students who lose financial aid must request reinstatement of aid when documentation of the cleared deficiency has been submitted to the Office of Student Financial Aid. Students changing majors will not have additional time allowed for goal accomplishment.

Full-time Students
Students enrolled in 12 hours or more per semester will be allowed five academic years in which to complete a degree. Less than full- time students will be extended on a pro-rated basis not to exceed the equivalent of 10 semesters of full-time enrollment.

Three-quarter time Students
Students enrolled for 9 to 11 hours per semester must earn a minimum of 18 credit hours per academic year to remain eligible to receive financial assistance.

Part-time Undergraduate Students
Students enrolled in a degree program must achieve a minimum semester grade point average of 2.0 after the student has earned and/or attempted 48 cumulative credit hours.

Except when there are mitigating circumstances, no undergraduate will be eligible to receive financial assistance for more than ten (10) semesters or the equivalent of completing a four-year program in a five-year time frame.

Right of Appeal

Students may appeal financial aid suspension in writing to the Director of Financial Aid. The appeal must clearly state the reasons the student did not achieve the requirements AND the reasons why the aid should not be terminated. Accompanying documentation from the student’s Dean is recommended. The Committee will review the appeal and the student will be notified in writing when a decision has been reached. The Financial Aid Committee meets each semester to review appeals.

Re-Establishing Satisfactory Academic Progress
After financial assistance has been terminated, students may re-establish satisfactory academic progress by the following method:

•    Students may attend academic sessions at their own expense and improve hours and/or semester grade point average to meet the required standards.
•    Students who comply with this method should submit to the Office of Student Financial Aid a written request asking that their eligibility for financial aid be reinstated.



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