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Division Of Pastoral Ministry
The two programs which comprise the Division of Bible and Pastoral Ministry are:

  • Bible and Pastoral Ministry (Bachelor of Arts)
  • The Associate of Arts degree in Bible and Theology

Both programs prepare students for leadership in the local church. However, the Bible and Pastoral Ministry degree is a four-year degree, which prepares a student to pastor or to go for graduate studies. The Associate of Arts degree provides some Bible and Theology training to help students in their teaching and preaching. The courses in this degree can be used toward earning a Bachelor of Arts degree.

The goals of the Bible and Pastoral Ministry Division are:

  • To train students in a high degree of proficiency in exegesis interpretation, sermon structuring and delivery.
  • To train students in leadership management of education, evangelism and education in the local church.
  • To prepare students thoroughly who may wish to continue their studies at the graduate level.

Note: A student who holds an Associate of Arts degree or above from an accredited school can enter this program and only complete the 63 semester hours in Bible, Theology, Christian Education and Church History.

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