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In the wake of the Michael Brown tragedy and the events that took place in Ferguson, MO, local Selma churches, organizations and schools decided to have an open-panel discussion to embrace the problems that affect our community and nation.  Several officials, Pastors and organizations were in attendance to try and reach a solution to some of the problems.  Selma University was represented by some of its students and Staff to address their views on the subjects.  The event was a huge success, with some of Selma's finest, voicing their opinions on the problems and solutions in our community.  This event was held at the Coffee Shop on Broad Street and was open to anyone who wanted to attend.  Special thanks goes out to the coordinators who invited Selma University to take part in the event.  It gave the students a chance to not only hear about the issues, but also how everyone can do their part to help prevent some of them from happening in our community.

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