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Master of Arts in Religion
This course of study is not designed to replace seminary training. It is intended to meet the needs of persons who are unable to attend a seminary; but who desire Biblical study on the graduate level to prepare or assist them in the ministry.

The minimum undergraduate grade average for persons entering the graduate degree program of the Division of Religion is “C.” Probationary admission may be given to applicants in exceptional cases, with less than a “C” average. A student placed on a provisional status is required to hold at least a “B” average in the first nine hours of graduate course work.

The student will be required to take thirty (30) hours of class work and pass a comprehensive written examination at the completion of his/her work.

The student who pursues a master’s degree may major in one of the two fields of study, namely:

1) Bible and Pastoral Ministry, 2) Bible and Christian Education.


Bible (OT 501 & NT 501)                                            6 hours
Theology (CT 501 & CT 502)                                     6 hours
Church History (CH 501)                                            3 hours
Christian Education (CE 501, 502, 503 & 504)         12 hours
Electives                                                                     3 hours

The candidate for graduation must complete at least nine (9) hours of courses in residence at Selma University.

Twenty-one (21) hours of application course credit may be transferred froman accredited institution toward the degree upon the approval of the Division Chairperson and the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

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