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How To Apply

Steps needed to apply for financial aid:

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The Student must apply for aid each academic year. The recommended application process is via the web This site will allow the student (and parent) to apply for federal student aid programs at the Free Application for Federal Student Aid Site. The processed application will determine a student’s eligibility for grant and loan programs. Results of this application will be mailed to the student and electronically transmitted to each school listed in the student’s application. Selma University School Code is 040673.

Use of a U.S. Department of Education PIN Number will speed the application process. A PIN is available online at The PIN is your electronic signature for the FAFSA, renewal FAFSA and Master Promissory Note for Loans. The PIN is also your access to your online aid history and your access to correct your Student Aid Report Online. Your PIN can be mailed to you in 7 to 10 days or e-mailed within 72 hours. KEEP YOUR PIN IN A SAFE PLACE—WE DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO IT FOR YOU.

Students requesting loan funding must also meet the one- time requirements of an online entrance counseling session through the guarantor/vendor website and an online Master Promissory Note. The Master Promissory note requires a USDE pin to complete. Please notify the Financial Aid Office when both steps are completed.

Student Financial Aid is paid each semester to enrolled students based on their eligibility that semester. Charges are deducted from student aid awarded and balances are paid to the students by the Business Office. The Business Office issues checks either in person or through the mail 14 days after the first day of class.

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