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Emergency Response

In Case of Terrorist Attack:

•  Campus Security will shut down the campus.
•  Emergency Calls will be placed to the Selma Police Department and the Dallas County Sheriff Department.
•  Students and employees are instructed to take cover and remain where they are, until it is safe to come out.
•  Students and Employees are to hide and turn off cell phones in case the terrorist is moving about looking for a victim.

In Case of Storm:

•  Students and employees will be dismissed in time to get out of danger.
•  If students and employees are unable to leave campus they will take cover in the hall of Dinkins Hall or the Lower portion of the
   Gym, Library, or Dorm.


In Case of Fire:

•  Students will very calmly walk slowly from the building.
•  The siren will be sounded to alert students and employees that a building is on fire.
•  The Selma Fire Department will be notified.
•  All precautions will be taken to keep everyone safe.

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