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The Reason for the Season..

Selma University is known for its Christian Doctrine and Bible teachings and no better season to promote the love of Jesus than Christmas.  On Dec. 17th, Selma U. celebrated the Annual Christmas Banquet Celebration in the on-campus cafeteria.  It turned out to be the biggest attendance in history for the school.  Students, faculty and staff all engaged in singing, fun and fellowship to bring the year to an end.  The event would not be complete without an encouraging Christmas message to enlighten everyone on the true meaning for the season.  The message was delivered by the esteemed president Dr. Alvin A. Cleveland, who delivered a wonderful narration of the story of Jesus.  The Selma University Choir was also in attendance and blessed everyone with an array of Christmas songs and chants.  It was a wonderful end to an excellent school year and we pray, 2015 will be a continuation of the growth of Selma's greatest college, Selma University.



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