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Here At Selma University, we are committed to preparing our students for a bright future and we understand that it begins with academic excellence. To achieve this, we take the time to work with our students to make sure that they are learning the skills needed to prepare them for the world.   Our small class sizes allow you to get to know your professors on a deeper level. Our challenging classroom settings assures that students are getting the education needed to go beyond the walls of Selma University and the limits of their own experience.  Through our Bible-based studies, which is an academic requirement for all Selma U. students, we also provide many opportunities for students to work alongside faculty and staff outside of the classroom for christian services, community service, mission trips and more.  The relationships Selma University students cultivate with their professors continue long after they have graduated.

Degree Programs
Selma University is a four-year Bible College
that offers a variety of degree programs.

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Academic Choices of Study
Students come to college with different goals in mind. When most people think of Selma University, they think of a school for ministers only.  This is far from the truth.  Although we do offer a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Bible and Pastoral Ministry, we also have several other Degree Programs available.  Whether your field of study is Business or Biology, we have an array of choices to choose from at our institution.   We also offer an Allied Health program that trains in the field of nursing, phlebotomy and other medical fields.  Take time to check out our different programs, you will love the choices.

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