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Selma University is located in the heart of Selma, at 1501 Lapsley St.  We have been established for over 100 years bringing Selma and surrounding communties an opportunity to learn different skills and be taught in a christian-based environment.  Even though we were always known as a school for preachers, we have grown into much more than that.  We now offer degrees in a variety of other departments including an allied health program that prepare students for employment in the field of health care.  We have become one of the favorite colleges to attend in the Selma, Alabama area, our mission is our reason for our constant growth.

Selma University’s mission is to prepare men and women for Christian ministry and Christian living in the modern world based on the example of Jesus Christ.  It is something we pride ourselves on.  For our full mission statement (click here).

A great school starts with a great president and our school has one.  Dr. Alvin A. Cleveland, Sr. serves as our president, an instructor and a wonderful spiritual leader.  For more info. on our president Dr. Cleveland. (click here)

To get where we are now, we have to look back on our history.  We have a very lengthy history that gave us time to shape up into the wonderful institution we are today.  Some people don't realize how long we have been around.  Selma University was founded in 1878, with such noted men as the Reverends W. H. McAlphine, James A. Foster and R. Murrell leading the effort.  The purpose was for preparation of better leaders for the church and schoolroom.  At a meeting in Mobile, Alabama in 1874, the first trustees were elected.  Need more interesting facts about our school, we have plenty to share, (click here)

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