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Business Administration

Selma University’s Business Administration program provides students with the opportunity to go forward in the broadest range of professional directions and build sound and rewarding careers that are valued by society. This curriculum is designed to develop the students intellectual outlook, analytical skills; in conjunction with academically rigorous course work in business administration.  This program will enhance the student’s
knowledge base for a career in business or if the student decides to pursue an advanced degree.

Upon completion of this program the student will be able to perform the following skills:

  • Use oral, analytical, and theoretical training for management and business leadership.
  • Properly teach and apply the information in business practices.
  • Participate in the business world with a philosophy built on love and justice.

    Program Summary
    This four-year program gives students a broad introduction into the business world. A minimum of 126 semester hours is required for graduation.

    |The degree requirements include a minimum of:                                                                                       

    18 hours of Bible
    12 hours of Theology
    33 hours of Business
    15 hours of Electives

     *NOTE: The thirty (30) semester hours of Bible and Theology serves as a minor and not as part of the professional preparation.Integrated with the biblical and business training are approximately 50 semester hours of general education liberal arts subjects to provide a balanced background for operating in Christian service and the business world.

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